Friday, July 24, 2009

Part I

I heard him come in the room and close the door. He stood near me, watching me. My heart beat hard against my chest.

In the silence I heard him strike a match. I imagined him lighting a candle, but the blindfold prevented me from seeing the soft light of the fire. I wondered if the candle was for ambiance or dripping hot wax. Not knowing excited me. As I sat naked on the straight back chair, hands tied behind my back, I started to get wet with anticipation.

"Anna?" His soft, deep voice poured over my skin like silk.


"Do you submit your body to me?"

"Yes, my body is yours."

"I may do what I want with you?"

"You may do whatever you want."

"Good girl."

His tender affection was punctuated by the sharp bite of a clamp on my right nipple. I breathed deep and prepared for the pinch on the left side. He gently cupped my breasts, my nipples starting to sting.

"Spread your legs." I followed his command without thinking.

"Your cunt is so beautiful. I am going to fuck it so hard." I moaned and writhed in the seat.

He teased my clit with his big, soft fingers, feeling how wet he was making me. He stood up, unbuttoned his pants, and let them fall to the floor. He tenderly cupped my breasts again and then tugged on the clamps causing me to gasp.

"Suck my cock." Aggression replaced tenderness. I wet my lips and opened my mouth, waiting for it to be filled with his cock. He thrust it deep into my throat and pulled it out slowly. I pressed my tongue against it and sucked hard. He thrust in again.

"You like sucking my cock, don't you?" I couldn't answer, but he knew I did. I continued deeply kissing his cock as he reached behind my head and untied the blindfold.

"Look at me." I looked into his eyes as I continued devouring him. He looked back at me, stony-eyed as he grabbed a fistful of hair to guide my cock sucking. He was being rough, pushing me down hard so that I gasped for air when he let me up. I was sopping wet, and I ached for his cock to be buried deep in my pussy. After several minutes, he pulled my head away from him.

"When I untie you, get on the bed on your hands and knees - ass in the air." I obeyed. I knew how he wanted me: hands stretched out in front of me, knees far enough apart to give him easy access, ass high enough for a good view, face down.

to be continued...

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